Dorothy Parker – A Dream Lies Dead
Dorothy Parker – Light Of Love
Dorothy Parker – Men
Dorothy Parker – Mortal Enemy
Dorothy Parker – Of a Woman, Dead Young
Dorothy Parker – Second Love
Dorothy Parker – Star Light, Star Bright
Dorothy Parker – The Immortals
Dorothy Parker – Unfortunate Coincidence
Frank O’Hara – Having a Coke With You
Gavril Derjavine – Time’s River In Its Rushing Current
John Clare – A Vision
John Clare – A World For Love
John Clare – First Love
John Clare – Love Lives Beyond The Tomb
John Clare – Where She Told Her Love
Lord Byron – My Soul Is Dark
Lord Byron – She Walks In Beauty
Lord Byron – The First Kiss Of Love
Lord Byron – The Isles of Greece
Lord Byron – When We Two Parted
Robert Frost – Acquainted With The Night
Robert Frost – Fire and Ice
Robert Frost – Fireflies In The Garden
Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken
Walt Whitman – To a Stranger
William Blake – London
William Butler Yeats – When You Are Old